Bucs fall in first game vs Stros

The Bucs hosted the Stros 6/17 at 7:00 PM at Cal Poly Pomona losing 1-4. The Stros obtained the lead in the top of the second inning via a lead-off homerun from Evan Banks off of Diego Santiago. Eric Munsey then gave up one run in the 5th off of two hits and then two runs in the sixth after the Bucs narrowly missed a double-play that would have ended the inning. The Bucs then got their lone run across in the bottom of the sixth due to hits from Dylan Hirsch and Rion Santamaria. The Bucs looked like they were going to have a big inning in the seventh as they had bases loaded no outs but a line drive Johnny Pappas was hit directly at the runner at first and the 1B caught the ball with his glove physically on the runner for two outs that was followed with a groundball to the pitcher from Jacob Klinovsky. The Bucs’ next game is tomorrow, 6/18, against the CA Jays at Cal Poly Pomona at 7:00PM.

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